Monday, January 4, 2010

On the Fourth, and last, week of Christmas...


Dec 20: Listened to Christmas music, finished making presents, my mom got here, put more ornaments on the tree that my mom brought

Dec 21: Listened to Christmas music, outlet mall shopped, watched most of "Holiday Inn", ate caramel apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Dec 22: Listened to Christmas music, drove to Grand Junction to visit Andrew's family and exchanged presents with them, rode in a limo to look at Christmas lights

Dec 23: Listened to Christmas music

Dec 24: Listened to Christmas music, spent the evening with Andrew's sister Kim and her husband, went to a church service (we were really late!), made and decorated sugar cookies, looked at Christmas lights, opened 1 present, watched a Charlie Brown Christmas

Dec 25: Opened presents, listened to Christmas music, made caramel corn, had dinner with the Eldridge's

On the 26th I still listened to Christmas music! We still have our tree and decorations up, but they will be down tomorrow. I hope everyone had as fantastic of a Christmas as I did! And I also hope that no one had to work as much as I did over New Year's! :)

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