Saturday, June 27, 2009


Andrew and I drove to Springfield on Friday...all day trip! It took us longer than I thought it would...maybe I forgot to add in gas/pee/food stops. Anyway, we're here, and we're sitting at Kendahl and Bryan's house right now. I loved getting closer and seeing the bright green trees and grass! They're so much better here than in Denver. When I left Kendahl's this morning I could smell the corn...I love it! We leave for Centrifuge summer church camp tomorrow at 3:30am. Supposedly Kendahl and Bryan are just going to stay up through the night. If they actually do, I'll try. Andrew says he's going to sleep. We'll see what happens! Over and out for the week...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Can't Sleep

I haven't actually tried to sleep yet, but I'm so not sleepy I'm actually antsy. Maybe if I start exercising regularly it'll get out my energy. It is only 11:24pm, so at least it's not really late.

My mom is in town right now, which has been really fun. I wish my dad was here though since it's Father's Day. My mom and I spent about two days straight shopping! Living in Effffffingham (as Matthew always writes) it, does not allow for any shopping opportunity outside of Wal Mart for my mom. So we went to Target, Bath & Body Works, TJ Maxx, Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, Mardels, Michaels, and probably other places; I just don't remember! It was fun though because we shopped all the bargains. Bath & Body Works was having their huge clearance sale, plus my mom had a coupon for $10 off of a $30 purchase. Between the two of us I think we got 8 items for $28! We spent about half an hour in the $1 aisle at Michael's! Hahaha! It was fun because we were just laughing at the things and found some really fun/funny stuff. Oh, and even better, the $1 aisle was on a 30% off sale!

If you've noticed, I added a summer reading list to my blog. I've always wanted to keep track of what I read and even note whether I like it or not/what I do and don't like about it. I'm finally able to read some fiction books I've been wanting to read now that I'm done with school - yay! I have so many on my list to read, but if you have any suggestions, you should let me know them - tell me a little about the book too though or else I probably won't read it.

Andrew got a hand down food dehydrator from his mom awhile ago, and finally started using make beef jerky. We each made our own 'marinade' and my batch is actually 'cooking' right now. We'll have it for our drive to IL on the 26th.

We went over our budget the past couple days, and we're about $400 short every month! Oh the joys of money. We've got enough money saved up at this point that we'll be fine for quite awhile, but I definitely don't like the idea of living off of saved money. Hopefully I will get a job, besides photography, soon to make up the difference, and plus some. We have some friends, a newly married couple, and neither of them have jobs despite applying to, probably between the two of them, at least 100 jobs. So if you want, please pray for them!

I'm not the only antsy one in the family tonight...Spike is going crazy! She's climbing up on her rock and everything. It's always exciting to see how long her neck really is. Speaking of pets, Andrew gave me the official OK that I'm allowed to get a kitty :) I'm still allergic, but I want one so bad! I think I'll try to hold off for awhile longer. I'd like to get retested to see if I'm still as allergic, and then talk to the doc about whether my allergies might get worse if I get a cat right now...I don't know how all that stuff works. For those of you who know me, I've had pets around me my whole life, and I'm finally starting to feel pet deprived. Yes, I have Spike, but she's a turtle. Which is great, but I think you know what I'm saying. And yes, there's Abby, but she's at my mom's house. If I could bring her out here, I totally would! We tried to find a place with a yard this last time we moved, but everywhere around here with a yard is out of our price range.

Supposedly Jacob and Beth are moving out here at the end of the month. If they actually do it, I'll be pretty happy! Instant friends. :) Haha.

I'm out of thoughts and words, which is good; I'm actually starting to feel tired.

Hasta la vista