Sunday, December 14, 2008


Here I sit in the library "studying" for finals. I'm tired of studying! If I only had tests left to take, I'd be OK, but I still have assignments to do! Partly due to procrastination, but also because one of my teachers decided to make 8 new online quizzes in the last week and a half for us to take! What a jerk, right?! ;) Seriously though...not cool!

Looks like Jamaica won the vote for where Andrew and I should go...we agree, but we decided on Cancun b/c of price of plane tickets. We already decided we're going to go snorkeling. Andrew really wanted to on our honeymoon, but it was about $60 to rent the gear! So we said no to that.

I got another photo job! I am now taking Travis & Yelena's wedding picture May 16th. I took their engagement pictures and am excited to do their wedding pics! My first wedding will be in less than a month now...January 3rd! I'm getting kind of nervous b/c I'll have to use a flash and I haven't had practice with a flash. I feel confident though...I don't know why...I'll probably be a mess on the day of the wedding though! Haha...

Well, my last final is on Wednesday, and have to have all of my assignments done by Friday. So, it will be over soon enough, ready or not. Andrew and I are probably heading home on Saturday the 20th unless we decide to wait till the 21st. I'm excited to go to IL and visit with everyone. I love Christmas!

I'm off to an Old Testament study session...TTFN

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spike the Turtle!

I actually got a picture of Spike on her rock! She usually gets camera shy and runs off of it before I can get a picture...