Friday, November 27, 2009

Because I didn't have time yesterday...

I am thankful for

A family who loves me, cares for me, and supports me

Having a job

A husband who puts up with my shenanigans and supports my baking obsession

A warm house


The pumpkin pie and whip cream that I am currently eating

All the traveling I have been able to do in my life so far


A mom who is also one of my best friends

A dad who I know is always there for me

Grandparents who have shown me what true love and sacrifice are

Technology that allows me to keep in touch with friends all over the world

There are so many more things I am thankful for. But I think those are all the biggest ones for me right now. I hope everyone found at least a couple things to be thankful about yesterday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eat Cake

I love these cakes! ...

I'm excited to see the Eat Cupcakes section when it gets added! And considering the price of cakes today, these prices aren't too bad.

Not that I'm looking to buy a cake or somethin' :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

.my first (and probably last) not me monday.

always participates in this Not Me Monday thing, and I always comment back on her posts about it. She hasn't posted anything for today, and so I decided to make my own not me Monday for today because I did really stupid things this week. Not a lot of things, but what I did was really dumb and sad. So here goes...

Last Thursday there's no way I could have left the back window down of my car, resulting in enough snow in the back seat to shovel out! I could never be that absent-minded.

(I'm almost embarrassed to even admit this one)...Today I definitely did not make plans to go snowboarding tomorrow, thinking Copper Mountain opened. (It doesn't actually open till Nov 6th.) And there's no way I could have mistaken a website posting from the 2006 opening day being Nov 3 for the 2009 season!

The other day I went to Goodwill and got a perfectly good frame, including the glass, for only $2. I'm not so careless as to have set it on the counter while I was working on something else, just to lose my grip, my arm swing across the counter top, knocking the frame onto the floor, shattering the glass all over the place. I am just not that clumsy.

The End.