Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One week till the end of March. Here I am with my goals...

Goals to accomplish by the end of March:
*Finish going through filing cabinet (As done as it can be for now)
*Get living room and kitchen actually organized and clean (Done)
*Go through the box of stuff from the Jeep that has been sitting in the room since November when we suddenly had to get a new car (Done)
*Decide if we want to move in April, May, or January (Done..we're in the process of moving now!)
*Have an eye appointment (Done)
*Spend more quality time with Andrew (Done)

*Get website up and running (This is sadly not external hard drive crashed and I lost a lot of my files. I have asked clients to get me a copy of the files but no one has gotten any to me yet! I'm really upset about all of this, but there's nothing I can do. It'll get figured out eventually)

*Get med-tech certified (Not done, but still want to get it sometime)
*Finish half of my MHWII stuff (Done... more like 2/3 done)

There's only 2 things I didn't get done!! I am so proud of myself :) I'll make some April goals soon. I enjoy making obtainable goals. It feels great to accomplish them!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yay, we're moving!!!

No more making 3 trips up 3 flights of stairs with groceries

No more listening to the roofing guys hammering away, waking me up at 8am

No more walking to the middle of the complex to get our mail

No more ice on the car in the middle of winter when I'm already running late for work

No more being cramped!

Yep, that's right...

We are moving into one side of a duplex!

We will have our own mailbox

Our own 2 car garage

Enough space for me to do all the crafting I want to do, not to mention actually have desk space to do my photography work!

We will even have a yard, so Abby will finally be joining us!

I am soo excited!

We are moving the 27th and it couldn't come any sooner