Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don't Know What to Title This

Hey friends, 
Just wanted to say that if you're following me on this blog, you should start following my photo blog. It's  I'm posting over there pretty regularly right now, and have a couple fun projects that I'm posting on a weekly basis. So check it out if you want to! Thanks!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Officially December

I can't sleep. I haven't been able to sleep like this in quite some time. Which is nice, but I wish I could sleep now. I have to leave for work at 11 so, ya, I want to sleep now!

But I'm not sleeping, so instead, I'm realizing that it's officially December now! Which is great and not great. Great because that means it's officially Christmas season!!! Not great because that means Christmas season will be over before I know it! :(

Nala loves our Christmas tree! She sits under it and looks at the lights. It's pretty cute, but I must admit I'm a little biased.

I have few goals for myself this month...
*Decorate for Christmas
*Do everything Christmas-y that I can
*Apply & interview for my unit's assistant supervisor position
*Have an awesome Christmas vacation
*Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!!
Oh, and finish the Series of Unfortunate Events series

Now I'm hungry. I shall lay and contemplate if I should now eat something or not. Over and out.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Like I said in my last post, I did really well with my October goals! Yay me!

*I've been able to enjoy reading a lot more since the living room got cleaned and it's super nice to have a clean dining table!
*I did get med tech certified but I still have to do two rounds at work to actually be able to pick up shifts at work, but I have already administered meds 3 times.
*Abby wasn't really using her dog house at first but she's been using it more since it's gotten colder, so that's good.
*I did go to free zoo day - with my kids at work
*I was doing pretty good with working out for awhile - started cycling - found it's the one thing that I don't get bored with.

So, I accomplished all my Oct goals! :) Well...I guess I didn't go to free zoo day in October, but I did in November, but whatever...not like that's a life changing goal!

Work is changing a lot right now. Amanda quit, Amie quit. Todd is the new supervisor. They're not posting the assistant supervisor spot for another two weeks or so because of some structural changes they're making. I'm frustrated with that, but what can I do... Work is definitely not going to be the same without Amie! Yesterday was Becky's last day too. Devereux will not be as good without these two ladies!

We got our first snow the other day. Pretty crazy that it's our first for out here. Last year we had 3 feet by my birthday!

I've been reading a lot lately. With my goal of having the living room cleaned, reading is pretty much all I've been doing. I need to start some cleaning again though - tackle the spare bedroom!

Off to eat some supper and watch Grey's!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Feel Good... (well, I'm tired right now)

My mom skimmed my latest blog entry, and brought to my attention how well I'm doing with my goals this month. I am so gosh darn proud o' myself! :)

So far, I cleaned and reorganized my kitchen. It's fantastic. Much more easy to use.
I cleaned the living room. Completely. I don't think it's ever been this clean.
I enjoyed my birthday, despite working on it. My kid's at work made me a birthday card and sang happy birthday to me so that helped!
I did my med tech class this week Monday and Tuesday (today)
We got Abby a dog house.
I've been reading all the time which is very pleasant.

Yay for me!

Ok, sleep time now. I am exhausted! Oh, and I have to add, I passed my Qmap (the med-tech thing) with a 100%. Boo ya!

Friday, October 1, 2010

October is the Best month of the year.

Welp, August came and went, September has come and gone, and October here we are!

The last thing I wrote about was August goals.
All goals were accomplished other than getting med-tech certified, cooking 2 nights a week, and running 3 nights a week.

August and September were good to me overall.

I am 6 days away from turning 25. That makes me feel old.

I was sick yesterday. I hate being sick. I'm the worst sick person...I am not good at sitting around and doing nothing and just watching TV. Well, I'm not good at it when I'm sick. When I'm feeling fine, I can be a pro at sitting in front of the TV all day.

I've been reading more lately which is nice. I listened to the Kite Runner, audio book style, then watched the movie. I'm glad I did it in this order. I like the writing style. I also listened to Jonathan Safran Foer's Everything is Illuminated which was very odd, slow at times, and hard to follow for awhile, but I think I liked it. I started reading Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. They're pretty great. I'm also done with book 3 - will probably finish it when I'm done writing this post. Oh, and I'm also currently reading Water for Elephants. I feel like it's really different than anything I've read for quite some time.

Things I'm going to do this month...
work on cleaning the house
enjoy my birthday weekend (I'm working 12 hours on my actual birthday..yuck)
start working out again
get my med-tech certification set up, not necessarily get it yet though
go to the zoo on free zoo day!
keep making time to read
get Abby a dog house

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Goals

Never made July Goals.
To much to do.

How my June goals went:

*Thoroughly enjoy my week and a half vacation even if I just stay at home (accomplished :) )*Throw a wonderful bridal shower for Laura (accomplished!)
*Shoot another awesome wedding (accomplished)
*Keep working on my website (accomplished)
*Work on the house (accomplished)
*Plant and take care of garden (accomplished...the garden is doing amazingly well!)
*Get Abby's blood work done for her hypothyroid (got that done last week, but it is done now!)
*Get all pictures from my first wedding edited (accomplished)
*Go mountain biking at least once (sort of accomplished...went biking once while in IL)
*I'd still like to do more with my little blog here, but I don't know if it will happen. Just no time. (ya...didn't do that obviously)
I made out pretty good with the June goals! If I had written July goals they would have gone pretty well too surprisingly.

Some August goals:

*Enjoy vacation at home
*Be an awesome bridesmaid for Annie
*Complete both photo projects I'm doing right now (check out to see one of my photos...the brown dog on the first page wearing a clear cone)
*Get some work issues figured out
*Remember to say happy birthday to Annie
*Help Andrew transition back into school...for his last year!!!
*Get Nala spayed
*Follow up with Abby's last hypothyroid appointment (she lost 26 pounds in 2 months!)
*Get med-tech certified
*Work on my website
*Get the house back in order after all our vacations
*Enjoy my new work schedule of having off Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
*Start cooking 2 nights a week as a family
*Run 3 days a week

Lots of things I should do this month!!!

I'm off to some reading

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Goals

I'm not tired. What's new.
Looks like all I do with this blog is write my monthly goals.
But ya know, whatever.
I'm fine with that.

Here's where my May goals ended up...
*Order bridesmaid dress for Annie's wedding (I actually did this in April already :) )

*Have my MHWII interview - got my HHWII last week! :)
*Collect addresses for Laura's wedding shower invitations
*Send above mentioned invites
*Remember Mother's day...and do something about it.
*Enjoy my 2 year wedding anniversay - We saw Fiddler on the roof, with the original Tevya from the movie, it was great. Plus we just got to hang out and spend time together.
*Start this obnoxious diet I've been putting off (I'll explain more later) - didn't explain, but whatev. I'm doing the diet and only have less than a week left, thank God!
*Successfully shoot my first wedding of the season on the 29th - the pics look good

Did, but need to keep working on:
*Keep working on website and figuring it out

Not done:
*Find a time that I can get med-tech certified...but I heard that my work will soon be offering classes on campus
*Get the house completely unpacked and live-in-able. (Probably won't happen again) - Ya, pathetically still not done.
*Post more pictures on my little blahg space.

Cancelled: *Have an enjoyable trip to Grand Junction - Ended up having to work Memorial Day so couldn't make it to GJ

May goals ended up pretty good I'd say

June Goals
*Thoroughly enjoy my week and a half vacation even if I just stay at home
*Throw a wonderful bridal shower for Laura
*Shoot another awesome wedding
*Keep working on my website
*Work on the house
*Plant and take care of garden
*Get Abby's blood work done for her hypothyroid
*Get all pictures from my first wedding edited
*Go mountain biking at least once
*I'd still like to do more with my little blog here, but I don't know if it will happen. Just no time.

That's all. I will try to sleep again now.