Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Goals

I'm not tired. What's new.
Looks like all I do with this blog is write my monthly goals.
But ya know, whatever.
I'm fine with that.

Here's where my May goals ended up...
*Order bridesmaid dress for Annie's wedding (I actually did this in April already :) )

*Have my MHWII interview - got my HHWII last week! :)
*Collect addresses for Laura's wedding shower invitations
*Send above mentioned invites
*Remember Mother's day...and do something about it.
*Enjoy my 2 year wedding anniversay - We saw Fiddler on the roof, with the original Tevya from the movie, it was great. Plus we just got to hang out and spend time together.
*Start this obnoxious diet I've been putting off (I'll explain more later) - didn't explain, but whatev. I'm doing the diet and only have less than a week left, thank God!
*Successfully shoot my first wedding of the season on the 29th - the pics look good

Did, but need to keep working on:
*Keep working on website and figuring it out

Not done:
*Find a time that I can get med-tech certified...but I heard that my work will soon be offering classes on campus
*Get the house completely unpacked and live-in-able. (Probably won't happen again) - Ya, pathetically still not done.
*Post more pictures on my little blahg space.

Cancelled: *Have an enjoyable trip to Grand Junction - Ended up having to work Memorial Day so couldn't make it to GJ

May goals ended up pretty good I'd say

June Goals
*Thoroughly enjoy my week and a half vacation even if I just stay at home
*Throw a wonderful bridal shower for Laura
*Shoot another awesome wedding
*Keep working on my website
*Work on the house
*Plant and take care of garden
*Get Abby's blood work done for her hypothyroid
*Get all pictures from my first wedding edited
*Go mountain biking at least once
*I'd still like to do more with my little blog here, but I don't know if it will happen. Just no time.

That's all. I will try to sleep again now.