Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I can't decide if I like this photo work or not. What do you think?


Monday, October 26, 2009


I came across this today and thought to myself...what a total, complete, awful waste of perfectly great antique-ish books!

so sad. so sad.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daily Drop Cap



I just had to make a little post on this cuz it's sweet! You can put these cool drop caps in your blog from here: http://www.dailydropcap.com/

Friday, October 16, 2009


Illinois Part V

Day 3

Once the whole shindig ended, we got to hang out and try to get a good picture of grandpa :) Here's what I got...

Playing harmonica again...

Loretta & g'pa

me & g'pa

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My Trip to Illinois Part IV

Day Three

The main point to this trip was my grandpa's 80th birthday. The whole family was there - it was great! So this all happened today.

I guess when you're 80 you get all sorts of things on your cake! ...

Grandpa still knows how to play 'O Susanna' on the harmonica which was really neat to see him do...

My little cousin Ethan, who is 5 now and adorable, really wanted to blow out candles, so he blew out the decorative ones on the table...

Marcia decided we needed ice cream to go with the cake, which I'm all for, but she decided this right as we were about to light the candles and sing happy birthday! So, we had to keep grandpa distracted for awhile, hence the tiny missing piece of cake...Oh, and grandma and Ethan helped blow out the candles. :)...

How the two little ones entertained themselves throughout the day...

Ethan collected acorns...

And Addison was just cute all day...

Monday, October 12, 2009


My Trip to Illinois Part III

Day Two

The last thing to accomplish at the farm was to get a picture of me with Abby. And yes, to get a good picture of us is an accomplishment:

Matthew, my mom, and I then went to eat at a 7th Day Adventist restaurant in the closest little town...about the size of Pleasant Plains. It was interesting. I then drove to Springfield to visit with my dad who was in town that day for a dentist visit.

We went out to eat and hung out at his hotel. He was just telling me a story when I took this picture. hehe.

Friday, October 9, 2009


My Trip to Illinois Part II

Day Two:

We took a walk around the property so I could see what exactly we own. This is a view from the spot they picked out for our future cottage...it looks out to our little pond.

Matthew planted some grape vines to start his own vineyard

Beautiful fall colors

One of our soybean fields

Here's our other pond:

My mom took me to see the Plasters Grove church, which was donated by my great great grandpa. There's only 11 members of the church :( So if it goes under the land goes back to us...what the heck would our family do with a church and cemetery?!

On the drive back to the cabin, there was a huge gross turkey vulture thing eating a dead animal on the road:

Pretty red plant: :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My Trip to Illinois Part I

..Day One..

At the end of September I went home for a visit. Matthew picked me up from the airport and the plan was to drive straight to the farm where my mom would arrive a couple hours later. Well, Matthew and I ended up going about 3 hours out of our way due to great conversation! Aka: Matthew can't multi-task ;)

So we arrived at the farm at the exact same time as my mom. So it was dark when we got there, but we made a fire and it was great! Matthew puts copper in it so there's really cool colors.

My mom brought Abby so I could visit with her, and that night she started out in the yard staked out on a post, whined and ended up on the deck of the cabin, and proceeded to stick her head through the screen of the screen door, so she ended up inside with me. Silly dog.

..Day Two..

The next day it was foggy and beautiful.
Here's the cabin (keep in mind the whole thing is about the size of a big living room):

Here's my 'puppy':