Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wet dog

Abby would not stop howling tonight.
So I let her inside.
And of course it was snowing. Because it's Colorado.
So now the whole house smells like wet dog.

And I haven't been able to sleep lately.
Last night I didn't even feel tired until 1ish.
And then laid in bed for about an hour.
Just laying.
I wasn't even tired enough to keep my eyes closed.
And it's happening again.

As far as my May goals,
I've collected addresses for Laura's shower invites
I'm sending the majority of the invites out tomorrow
I remembered Mother's Day but not in enough time to do anything other than call my mom but that still counts

That's all so far for May.
I kind of feel like I'm living in chaos right now.
I've been working a ton.
My house is pretty much still a disaster.
The kids at work are stressing me out.
My work calls me on my days off asking me to come in.
It's snowing.
I need a vacation.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Already May

April was a blur.
We moved.
My mom visited.
We got a dog (my dog...Abby)
I was sick for over 2 weeks

I'm ready for May flowers!
And I got them actually.
When my mom was here we went flower shopping at Lowe's (she convinced me it's better than Home Depot)
Anyway, I finally actually got them all in pots today.
I love them!

Here's where my April goals ended up...

*Keep working on website and figuring it out - still need to do this
*Find a time that I can get med-tech certified - still need to do this
*Finish my MHWII stuff - done!
*Get the new house completely unpacked and live-in-able. I know this won't happen, but I want it to. So it's my goal. - done and then mom came and now not done again b/c she brought me more stuff!
*Collect addresses for Laura's wedding shower invitations - still waiting on Laura's part of this
*Build Bookshelf - done, and it looks great!

So goals didn't go so great this month, but that's OK.
A lot of unexpected and out of the ordinary happened in April.
May will be a successful month for goals though.
Mostly b/c if they don't get done, there will be a problem.
I'm organizing Laura's wedding shower in June so I have a lot to do for this.

Here's my May goals list...
*Order bridesmaid dress for Annie's wedding (I actually did this in April already :) )
*Keep working on website and figuring it out
*Find a time that I can get med-tech certified
*Have my MHWII interview
*Get the house completely unpacked and live-in-able. (Probably won't happen again)
*Collect addresses for Laura's wedding shower invitations
*Send above mentioned invites
*Remember Mother's day...and do something about it.
*Enjoy my 2 year wedding anniversay
*Start this obnoxious diet I've been putting off (I'll explain more later)
*Successfully shoot my first wedding of the season on the 29th
*Have an enjoyable trip to Grand Junction
*Post more pictures on my little blahg space.

Those are my big goals for the month.
I like to think of my daily to-do lists as goals now.
Things I am aiming to get done, and have number one priority, but still, if they don't get done....