Wednesday, January 13, 2010


*Warning* gross graphic descriptions. read at own risk.

I woke up Sunday morning around 6am with a gut wrenching stomach ache. I of course woke up Andrew and asked him to help me "get set up in the bathroom." I remember him being like "are you gonna puke or something?!" in a very not happy voice. Haha. And yes, I did puke. And have diarrhea. Multiple times.

It is now Wednesday and I am still sick. I hate being sick.

Sunday night Andrew ended up taking me to the hospital after I laid on the couch for I don't know how long straight moaning and rolling around because it felt like my intestines were tying themselves in knots and then being yanked apart all the while dogs using them like a chew toy.

At the hospital I was given a dose of nausea medicine, dose of painkillers, and they started an IV-fluid for being dehydrated since nothing was staying in me. The painkillers didn't help, so I got another dose, along with more fluid.

An hour later I got a ct scan just to check on things and threw up right after that...a lot...So I got another bag of fluids, another dose of nausea medication, and a dose of the wonderful drug vicodin. And I finally got some sleep.

They sent us off with prescriptions for a nausea medicine and my new love, yes you guessed, vicodin.

Well, we thought I would be fine through the night, but lo and behold, I was awoken again Monday morning around 7 with another intestinal death. Since we thought I would be ok through the night we didn't get the prescriptions filled when we left the hospital. So, around 7:30am, Andrew, bless his heart, went to the 24 hour pharmacy to get my drugs! I of course threw up, a lot, and had some more diarrhea...both at the same time (for the 3rd time)...before he got back to the house.

I took my drugs and passed out till noon I think!

(I think the moral of this story is ending up to be that I'm addicted to vicodin!)

I ended up without too much pain the rest of Monday.

I thought Tuesday was the last day of everything. I actually left the house - washed my car and wandered the aisles of Target (Target makes everything better, if you didn't know that).

So along comes this morning, and I wake up around 8 with another intestinal squeezing moment. But, drum roll please...I did not have diarrhea and I did not throw up!

I took my drugs (2 vicodin this time!) and I fell asleep. And then I had very vivid dreams that someone came into my house and sat on my bed. It was quite scary.

Thanks to anyone who just read about my up-chucking and diarrhea-ing. I appreciate it.

Disclaimer: I am truly not addicted to vicodin! It is great medication for my intestines that are being used as a chew toy, and that's it. :)

Signing off in hopes of not waking up tomorrow at 9am with gut problems,



Annie said...

oh no! I hope your doggie-chewed insides get better soon! That's awful! I hope you had a good set up in the bathroom! :(

Andrew said...

I actually went to the Walgreens to get your prescriptions filled at 5:30 am. It was awful.

Lindsay (Mathews) Dugan said...

At least Andrew got to miss another puke/diarrhea episode while he was gone to get your meds! And I feel the exact same way about Target... I say it's therapeutic! Enjoyed your blog... and looking forward to seeing you again in the next 7 months!

Jackie said...

I'm feeling better today. Thanks friends :) And it's true Lindsay, Andrew did miss an episode of...yuckiness. He should be grateful. Haha

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can confirm almost everything written in this blahg. Was I there? No, I was in Illinois. But I always knew when Andrew wasn't there because I would get a call from Jackie and we'd have some unimportant conversation until he got back. Jackie didn't want to "die" alone so I was keeping her company :-) I'm glad you're feeling better and if you start asking for Vicodin because your fingernail hurts, well that's when it's time for rehab.

Tara said...

Oh Jackie. I'm sorry i didn't read your blog and you had to update me on your crumminess over the phone last night. you left out the part about wandering the aisles of Target though, which I find strange since I thought you and I had a shared bond with the healing power of Target. It's ok, I forgive you. Something about those fluorescent lights makes you feel at home and comforted. Walmart does not hold the same power, however.

Andrew, you get major props for doing that for Jackie. I'm so glad she has you to take care of her =]

Katie & Curtis Kline said...

I am so sorry you weren't feeling well - hopefully by now you are all better!

Anonymous said...


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