Friday, February 27, 2009

Little update...

So far I have done good on my new year's resolution. :) I have not been procrastinating very much at all. And haven't had to stay up super late just to do homework, so that's fantastic. :)

The internship is going well. The kids I've met and situations I've seen are heart breaking. Whoever reads this should say a prayer for homeless kids right now. I am a little worried about getting enough hours done for school. Right now I only have 3 set hours per week, and the rest of the hours I'm having to come up with doing other random things.

My choir went on tour last Wednesday through this past Sunday, which was tons of fun! We went to New Mexico...sang at some schools and churches. It was great to just get away and hang out with girls for 5 days. I had a little solo too :) My mom came into Denver for a performance we had on the Sunday we got back from tour. She was here till just this past Wednesday. It was great to see her and just hang out.

Well, that's all for now. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I found out Dana had her baby...So I'm a cousin again. :)

Her name is Addison and she was born on her aunt Marcia's birthday, Feb 3. I haven't heard anything about Ethan's reaction yet. Ethan is Addison's big brother...he's 4, I think. I wish I lived closer to see the wittle baby! ;)

My background check has officially been cleared, so I'm starting street outreach for Stand Up For Kids next Monday! This is where I'm doing my internship for school. I'm really excited. I'll be going out every Monday night to find homeless kids...hang out with them, give them food, resources for free medical care, counseling of sorts, etc. I'm excited to get out there, but still a little nervous! I think I won't be nervous after my first time.

I'm having some problems with motivation concerning school. Since I'll be done in May, my mind is definitely focused on things other than stupid homework assignments. I would much rather be spending time on my photography, SU4K (Stand up for kids), looking into grad schools and jobs, and all that fun stuff! By the way, I'm trying to officially start up my photography as a payed business. I'm excited, but it means I'll be buying new camera equipment...which is super expensive. I've been staring at what I want to buy for the last couple weeks, unable to actually purchase it yet. Not b/c I don't have the money, but b/c of the queasy feelings I get thinking about no longer having the money..ha.

Well, I'm off to get ready for the day.