Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the Third Week of Christmas...


Dec 12: Listened to Christmas music

Dec 13: Listened to Sufjan Steven's Christmas album, went to the Georgetown Christmas Market, ate chestnuts roasted over an open fire (I didn't like them...Andrew sort of did), watched the Nightmare Before Christmas, started an advent that my mom sent us, learned about Christmas in Africa

Dec 14: Andrew and I took a trip to the mountains for the night...we walked around Breckenridge, looked at lights, went to a Christmas shoppe, looked at ice sculptures

Dec 15: Listened to Christmas music, colored Christmas coloring pages

Dec 16: Listened to Christmas music

Dec 17: Listened to Christmas music, present shopped, started wearing a pair of Christmas sox every day till Christmas (and will have to go until after Christmas!)

Dec 18: Listened to Christmas music, made presents, shipped presents

Dec 19: Listened to Christmas music, worked on homemade presents

I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away!! I also can't believe that I'm in Colorado and there is now snow, and it's not scheduled to snow by Christmas :(


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