Thursday, July 30, 2009

Primal Fear

Primal Fear: Edward Norton's first real movie

I somehow came up with the idea to pick an actor/actress and then watch all of their movies. Andrew agreed to it, so we spent tonight picking out the actor. We thought about the big guns with lots of movies, like Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman... But taking on 50ish movies is a daunting task! So we moved on to young famous people, so they wouldn't have as many films yet - Johnny Depp, Zooey Deschanel (or however her name is spelled). Then we thought about the classics, Audrey Hepburn for example. I mentioned the whole idea to Tara and she immediately came up with Edward Norton. Of course not only because of his great acting, but b/c "he's so hot." ;)

Andrew and I like little Eddie and we like his work, so we're taking it on! We're only doing movies, not tv episode stuff, or whatever else. So we have 22 movies to watch. The first one he's listed in is called Only In America which was done in 1994 when he was 25. He looks younger than 25 to me!

I tried to find this Only in America movie, and found out it's actually an ESL educations teaching thing! I guess there's 8 sections and EN is in 5 of those 8 sections. I guess one of the sections had to show how truly nerdy Americans are

Besides the fact that it's an educational training video, it also costs $140 for the 2 cassette pack, so we're not going to be watching Only In America.

Which means we start with Primal Fear, 1996. Andrew and I are just discovering Netflix, and this movie is actually available for instan steaming, so we will probably watch it tomorrow. I'm excited for our little Edward adventure!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Snow cone anyone?

Pictures from the hail storm:

Watching the hail take over out porch...

We ended up with about 3 inches in some places...

Our bikes took a little beating...

The parking lot...

When I opened the sliding door, the hail started taking over the living room...

I wanted to add some flavor and sugar and eat it!...

One of the bigger pieces I found...

I heard this car being stuck...

The next day...hail was still everywhere...

It was so windy during the storm that tons of leaves fell off trees. It was sort of a strange site, like someone decided to dump bags of leaves on Andrew's car...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prayer Answered

Once again, I'll give you a simple one liner; you can choose to read the rest if you want...

I got the job!

Before arriving at my interview on Monday I was really nervous, but when I got there, I was fine. It may have partially been because the guy who interviewed me was very kind and down to earth. I was asked some questions during the interview that I was not expecting at all and there was lots of silence while I was thinking of answers!

An hour later he invited me to come in again the next day to observe, and then go through an interview with 2 of the unit mangers. He told me two other people who applied for the job were also going to be observing. He assured me that there was more than one open position so I was not necessarily fighting for the job over the other two.

Tuesdays observation was awesome...I got to observe the 'convict' house...the boys who are convicts. I stayed for about an hour, then joined up with the other 2 girls who were there observing for our questioning time. I wasn't nervous being interviewed by two people, but I was nervous being interviewed in front of the other 2 applicants. I knew there was more than 1 opening, but I didn't know how many more than 1.

Wednesday I went out to lunch with Hillary, and literally right when I started ordering my food the HR guy called, so of course I answered! He talked a little bit then told me they were offering me a conditional position. The word 'conditional' scared me...didn't really know what he meant by that. Ended up all he meant was that I would need to pass a physical, tb test, and drug screen first. Once I found that out, I was relieved!!

Andrew and I had decided even before my interview, that if I got the job we would celebrate by going to Red Robin, so we're going this Saturday and inviting friends. Just about 2 days before I found out I got the job, Andrew also said that I could get a new bike if I was hired! He got a mountain bike a couple months ago, so I really want one. So, now I get a new bike! :)

Training starts August 3rd and lasts 2 1/2 weeks. I'll be pretty tuckered out...Monday and Friday 9-5 in the classroom; Tue, Wed, Thur noon to 9, half class half observation. But I am so excited! I was warned that if I actually work there long enough, I'll be assaulted...kicked, yelled at, spat on, biggie... Ya, doesn't sound too appealing to most, but I don't mind. I have a passion for these kids, for who knows why, so I'll take the beating.

The month of August, as far as money goes, will be great for us. But once Andrew goes back to school and cuts down on his hours, we'll be back to barely making it. I guess barely making it is better than spending part our savings though, which is what we had to do last month and this month. I'm actually pretty happy with what I'll be making at Devereux, especially b/c the shift I will be working has a $1 differentiation, and I also got a .25 cent 'raise' to start out with because I am considered to have one year of relevant experience.

My prayers really were answered about this's exactly what I want and it came at the perfect time.

PS..This is like me...

...Andrew's been opening at the coffee shop lately so he's been going to bed super early, which means I get bored and end up finding a way into tricking him into waking up...hehehe

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fingers Crossed

Simply stated, I have an interview on Monday, and am super excited!

I was at the mall, on Thursday I think, and received a phone call from a guy at Deverux. I sent in my stuff to Dev when we got home from IL and the whole process moved pretty quickly. I emailed my info; he emailed me the job info; I emailed him back saying that yes; I was still definitely interested; I may have received one more email from him; then I got the call while I was shopping in the Nike factory outlet store. We had about a 10 minute phone interview and at the end of it he said he would like to invite me in for an interview. I was soooo excited that I'm wondering if he could hear it over the phone! Of course since I was at the mall I didn't have my calendar in front of me (like I really have much of a schedule right now!?), but I just wanted to make sure I didn't double book something. So when I got back home he had emailed me even more info; then I emailed my availabilites; then he emailed me a day and time; then I emailed to confirm. Now I'm going in tomorrow at 2. :)

I really want this job! At this point in my life, it's pretty much my dream job. There are actually a few Devereux locations in the US, but check out where I would be here. My position would be the "Afternoon Direct Care Professional." I must say it makes me nervous to have the word 'professional' in my title. One of the questions the guy asked me on the phone was if I would be comfortable having to restrain one of the kids if I needed to. I played it cool with that answer...'I would definitely need some training, but I know I would be comfortable with it if the situation really called for it...' Whoo...I hope I'm not going to have to be restraining some 200 pound 21 year old guy! I really am comfortable with it, ONCE I LEARN ;) But it is still kind of intimidating to think about.

I only own one pair of pants that are interview-ish, but even they aren't because they're so long that even when I put on my one pair of heels, I still have no feet. So I figured out an outfit that I did already have that just required new pants. And I went with nice professional-like capris, because that way I didn't have to deal with the too-long problem I have with pretty much everything. But of course the irony is that if I try something on in a pettite size, it's too short. Anyway, I now have my official interview outfit.

My fingers are crossed that it will be my only-needed-it-once interview outfit.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Boredom, jobs, vacation, etc.

Andrew and I just got back last night from our last summer trip.
The end of June we went to IL, just to leave from there to go to NC to be chaperons for Western Oaks youth group. We went to a camp called Fuge and it was super fun. It was awesome to hang out with Bryan and Kendahl, and the long lost Zach Zaubi, but it was also great to meet the kids and start relationships with them. I don't like that we had to leave the kids after getting to know's sad to me, but I'm hoping we can keep talking to them on facebook and what not.

We were in Springfield after camp for just about 4 days...visited grandma, grandpa, Dalton, Jessie, Western Oaks, and dad. The morning we left Spfld to go to my dad's we had breakfast at grandma's house with Dalton. It was very interesting...grandpa was being very funny! It was quite entertaining. My grandma had found these new brain help memory and stuff like that. My g'pa said something along the lines of...well we're exempt from that! If you don't know, my gpa has dementia. The other 4 of us were kind of silent for a second and just looked at each other, then just cracked up! It was hilarious. Visiting my dad is always fun. We played rummy and Andrew actually beat my dad and me by a lot, which was strange.

We then went to Greenville to visit Annie, which was fantastic! I don't get to see her when I'm home very often since she's in Greenville now. We walked around the little town, and ate at Powhattan in Pocohantas, IL. It was quite the experience. Of course Annie and I stayed up talking and giggling half the night. But it was OK b/c Andrew drove for the first 5 hours the next morning :)

We got back to CO July 8 just to leave again on the 10th for Vegas. Curtis and Katie gave us a gift certificate for a Weekend to Remember Conference and it was going to expire, so we just went for it. We stayed in a Marriott, off the strip, where the conference took place. We got a really great group discount and realized when we got there that our room is usually $400 a night!! It was awesome...whirl pool thing in the bathroom, walk in closet, huge bed, etc. It's the nicest hotel room I've ever stayed in.

The conference itself was good. Because Andrew and I have only been married over a year, some of the things weren't very applicable to children/mother/father stuff. And we just haven't run into some of the problems that marriages go through after years of being married. But, it was still very helpful. It was very encouraging to us, and we both took a couple very true applicable things away from it. We would both like to go again sometime, abut probably not till our 5th year of marriage or so.

Now we're back in Colorado and I'm just sitting here. Before leaving for IL I got in one application, before leaving for Vegas I applied at I think 3 more places. Just this morning I sent out about 5 applications. The only thing I've heard from any of them so far is that their reviewing process takes 4 weeks. So, if I do hear anything from that place, it won't be for another 3 weeks. I'm looking for pretty much anything in the mental health field. My ideal is working the 3-11 shift at a residential facility for youth. But I've given in and applied for the overnight shift, as well as even secretarial work at a mental health organization. Hopefully I hear something soon from someone!