Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On The Second Week of Christmas

This is what I did..

Dec 4: Listened to Christmas music, went to Andrew's choir Christmas concert, and watched some cheesy Christmas movie on abc.

Dec 5: Listened to Christmas music

Dec 6: Listened to Christmas music, put the ornaments on the tree, catalog shopped, store shopped, watched another cheesy Christmas movie

Dec 7: Listened to Christmas music, store shopped, watched part of a cheesy Christmas movie on Hallmark channel

Dec 8: Listened to Christmas music, finished decorating, wrapped presents

Dec 9-11: I forgot to write down what I did these days! But I worked all three days, so most likely all I fit in was Christmas music

The end of the 3rd week is almost here! Hope your house isn't as messy as mine, that you don't have as much shopping to do as I still have to do, and that your thighs don't hurt as much as mine do from snowboarding :)