Sunday, December 6, 2009

On The First Week of Christmas

If you know me at all, you know I loooovvvvveeee Christmas!

I love it so much I wanted to start Christmas decorating and preparing in October this year! But I held off and made myself decorate for fall and Thanksgiving, which was nice because we had people over for Thanksgiving this year.

So Christmas started for me right after Thanksgiving this year, and I am making sure I do something Christmas-y every day till Christmas (and it will probably go till at least New Year's) just to make sure I squeeze as much Christmas into December as I can!!

So far here is what I've done...

Nov 27: Listened to Christmas music, Shopped for Christmas presents
Nov 28: Listened to Christmas music
Nov 29: Listened to Christmas music, watched Elf, looked at Christmas lights
Nov 30: Listened to Christmas music, started decorating, online gift shopping
Dec 1: Listened to Christmas music, got our tree, decorated, put lights on the tree
Dec 2: Listened to Christmas music
Dec 3: Listened to Christmas music

Yes, listening to Christmas music will be listed probably every day. I love Christmas music and December is pretty much the only month that it's acceptable for me to listen to it every day.

I hope your Christmas season has gotten off to as good a start as mine!