Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scary Surprise

I have more to say & post about other stuff, but for now I just wanted to write about my day today, concerning my dad...

My dad went to the hospital today to have a heart catheterization, where they look to see what's actually wrong with his heart. I knew he was going in for this, and that they were thinking they would just need to do one stent. They had said that if he needed more than that they would schedule it for a later time.

Well...his cath was scheduled for 8am IL time, so I was expecting a call this morning. I fiiinalllly got a call from Susan around 2 CO time to find out that when the docs did the cath they found more problems than they expected, and did need to do bypass surgery, not just a stent! But not only did they need to do bypass, but it was bad enough they decided they needed to go ahead and do it today! So at 12:30 IL time my dad went into surgery. When I talked to Susan, he was supposed to be done in about an hour from that time. I was kind of by myself when I talked to her, and that's never good for me, but I think Susan was by herself too, just waiting for the surgery to be over...I felt kind of bad for her...wished I could be with her.

Just about half an hour later Susan called back, and my dad was already done with his surgery! It went smoothly; they ended up having to do two grafts; the doc said he was doing great! So he's in ICU now (or will be tomorrow) and will be there for the next 4 or 5 days. And will go back home at that time if all is well at that point! Susan assured me that she would be home with my dad the first couple days he's back so he doesn't do something like what my dad does...meaning, so he doesn't try to mow the lawn the day he's back home...haha

If anyone who reads this prays, please pray! For recovery for my dad, for Susan (my stepmom), for me, for the doctors. I was supposed to leave this Thursday to go to Kansas to visit a friend who just a baby not too long ago, but I think I'm going to go ahead and drive all the way through to IL and visit my dad for a couple days. He should be back home by the time I'd be getting in...that way I could keep him company too, and just sit with him...watch movies, etc...so that he doesn't over-exert himself! No one in my family has had a major surgery before, so I'm kinda freaked out! So I just really want to be with my dad.

I think that is all for now. If anyone happens to want to go to Memorial to visit him, I'm sure he'd like it! Even though I'm also sure that at first, he would probably be too stubborn, or embarased, or something, about people coming to visit him. I wish I could go visit him in the hospital, though, so someone should go for me. :)