Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I survived another week. I know it's only Tuesday night, but my week is kind of over now. This Sunday I only got 4 hours of sleep...

...kind of the same deal that happened last time when I started this blog. Papers...I'm so sick of homework! It's never ending. As Andrew made the point today, I'm excited for the semester to be over, but for what...another one to start!! Haha. Kind of ironic, or whatever literary word is appropriate to use in that case.

I say my week is over now b/c I don't have anymore homework due this week! Which is a miracle!! I have a lot to do for next week, but I'm at least not spending all of my waking moments in the library, researching, reading, writing, etc. It's nice to just be at home, sitting, playing Bloxie (my addiction on candystand.com). I do have a reading quiz tomorrow over Attila the Hun and Pope Leo,
but I don't ever remember very much of what I read so I'm not spending lots of time on the reading...I can't change some things. I know someone is going to read this and think differently about that, that I can change things (like my dad hehe), but whatever! I know certain ways I learn best and yes, I'm willing to try new approaches to retaining what I read, but somebody will just have to tell me how to do it.

On another note, my choir is singing backup for Larnelle Harris this Saturday.

He is very well known in Christian gospel music. I think it will be fun. We've been practicing the music for awhile, but it's confusing b/c the sheet music doesn't match up with the practice cd we have. We'll see how the whole shindig goes. It could be really fun or just weird!


Mom said...

Whoa - cool about the "backup" gig for your choir. Get somone to record it if you can (come to think of it.... if they'll let you). Mom

Andrew said...

hahah, I like that you posted the pictures of attilla and the pope

Anonymous said...


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