Saturday, February 13, 2010


I really wanted to post some pictures of my kitty awhile ago, but life happened.

I shot a wedding in January and since then Lightroom hasn't been working too great, I dropped my external hard drive so I don't have some of my pictures (thankfully all of the January wedding pictures are fine!)

Do you ever feel like you get nothing done, yet somehow you are totally stressed out and feel like you are constantly busy?! I hate the feeling. I'm going through one of those times. I'm hoping it ends soon!

Curtis and Katie, our friends that were in Africa, are in Denver tonight and for the next couple nights, so we get to see them tomorrow. That will be nice.

Goals to accomplish by the end of March:
*Finish going through filing cabinet
*Get living room and kitchen actually organized and clean
*Go through the box of stuff from the Jeep that has been sitting in the room since November when we suddenly had to get a new car
*Figure out if it's even possible for us to move in May or not
*Have an eye appointment
*Actually spend some quality time with Andrew

*Finish editing my January wedding shoot
*Have another wedding scheduled
*Get van certified
*Get med-tech certified
*Finish half of my MHWII stuff

We're going to a ballet tomorrow night with our friends Hillary and Jake. That will be nice. I was planning on getting cleaning and editing done tomorrow during the day, but we'll be hanging out with Curtis and Katie...great, but will also add stress to my plate.

So goes the way of life.


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