Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goals Update II

I know no one really cares about this. Somehow I just feel that making my goals public means I'll be more likely to accomplish them. Probably because I know I'm giving people updates, so I want to actually get everything done. When I procrastinate and don't cross things off, usually only I see that. This way everyone would see how much of a procrastinator I am and it's like someone's holding me accountable...even though no one really is.

Goals to accomplish by the end of March:
*Finish going through filing cabinet
*Get living room and kitchen actually organized and clean (...getting closer)
*Go through the box of stuff from the Jeep that has been sitting in the room since November when we suddenly had to get a new car
*Decide if we want to move in April, May, or January
*Have an eye appointment
*Spend more quality time with Andrew

*Get website up and running

*Get med-tech certified
*Finish half of my MHWII stuff


Annie said...

go girl! :D

Anonymous said...


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