Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jackie in the kitchen

I will always be a better baker than cooker, it's just who I am.

That said, I pretty much successfully made some potato soup tonight!

Here's the recipe:

Despite the fact that I somehow managed to take exactly an hour to peel and cut the potatoes, the recipe is really easy. I didn't cut the potatoes in to small enough pieces, and the soup part didn't thicken enough. But it still all turned out pretty good, and the flavor is still very delicious!

But now on to the baking/sweet portion of the night:


Andrew loved them; he says they might be his favorite thing that I've made. Fairly high calorie, yes, but for a pastry dessert, not that bad. Seriously, they're worth skipping your normal snacks throughout the day to have one of these at the end of the night!

Oh, and if you want to see pictures of the kitty, check out my album on facebook :)



Annie said...

Wow! Potato soup and those crazy pastry amazing heart things?! I don't think I'm ready for dinner AND dessert in one night yet! :) Those seriously look awesome, though. Like the winter version of strawberry shortcake. :)

Anonymous said...


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