Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fingers Crossed

Simply stated, I have an interview on Monday, and am super excited!

I was at the mall, on Thursday I think, and received a phone call from a guy at Deverux. I sent in my stuff to Dev when we got home from IL and the whole process moved pretty quickly. I emailed my info; he emailed me the job info; I emailed him back saying that yes; I was still definitely interested; I may have received one more email from him; then I got the call while I was shopping in the Nike factory outlet store. We had about a 10 minute phone interview and at the end of it he said he would like to invite me in for an interview. I was soooo excited that I'm wondering if he could hear it over the phone! Of course since I was at the mall I didn't have my calendar in front of me (like I really have much of a schedule right now!?), but I just wanted to make sure I didn't double book something. So when I got back home he had emailed me even more info; then I emailed my availabilites; then he emailed me a day and time; then I emailed to confirm. Now I'm going in tomorrow at 2. :)

I really want this job! At this point in my life, it's pretty much my dream job. There are actually a few Devereux locations in the US, but check out where I would be here. My position would be the "Afternoon Direct Care Professional." I must say it makes me nervous to have the word 'professional' in my title. One of the questions the guy asked me on the phone was if I would be comfortable having to restrain one of the kids if I needed to. I played it cool with that answer...'I would definitely need some training, but I know I would be comfortable with it if the situation really called for it...' Whoo...I hope I'm not going to have to be restraining some 200 pound 21 year old guy! I really am comfortable with it, ONCE I LEARN ;) But it is still kind of intimidating to think about.

I only own one pair of pants that are interview-ish, but even they aren't because they're so long that even when I put on my one pair of heels, I still have no feet. So I figured out an outfit that I did already have that just required new pants. And I went with nice professional-like capris, because that way I didn't have to deal with the too-long problem I have with pretty much everything. But of course the irony is that if I try something on in a pettite size, it's too short. Anyway, I now have my official interview outfit.

My fingers are crossed that it will be my only-needed-it-once interview outfit.