Monday, July 13, 2009

Boredom, jobs, vacation, etc.

Andrew and I just got back last night from our last summer trip.
The end of June we went to IL, just to leave from there to go to NC to be chaperons for Western Oaks youth group. We went to a camp called Fuge and it was super fun. It was awesome to hang out with Bryan and Kendahl, and the long lost Zach Zaubi, but it was also great to meet the kids and start relationships with them. I don't like that we had to leave the kids after getting to know's sad to me, but I'm hoping we can keep talking to them on facebook and what not.

We were in Springfield after camp for just about 4 days...visited grandma, grandpa, Dalton, Jessie, Western Oaks, and dad. The morning we left Spfld to go to my dad's we had breakfast at grandma's house with Dalton. It was very interesting...grandpa was being very funny! It was quite entertaining. My grandma had found these new brain help memory and stuff like that. My g'pa said something along the lines of...well we're exempt from that! If you don't know, my gpa has dementia. The other 4 of us were kind of silent for a second and just looked at each other, then just cracked up! It was hilarious. Visiting my dad is always fun. We played rummy and Andrew actually beat my dad and me by a lot, which was strange.

We then went to Greenville to visit Annie, which was fantastic! I don't get to see her when I'm home very often since she's in Greenville now. We walked around the little town, and ate at Powhattan in Pocohantas, IL. It was quite the experience. Of course Annie and I stayed up talking and giggling half the night. But it was OK b/c Andrew drove for the first 5 hours the next morning :)

We got back to CO July 8 just to leave again on the 10th for Vegas. Curtis and Katie gave us a gift certificate for a Weekend to Remember Conference and it was going to expire, so we just went for it. We stayed in a Marriott, off the strip, where the conference took place. We got a really great group discount and realized when we got there that our room is usually $400 a night!! It was awesome...whirl pool thing in the bathroom, walk in closet, huge bed, etc. It's the nicest hotel room I've ever stayed in.

The conference itself was good. Because Andrew and I have only been married over a year, some of the things weren't very applicable to children/mother/father stuff. And we just haven't run into some of the problems that marriages go through after years of being married. But, it was still very helpful. It was very encouraging to us, and we both took a couple very true applicable things away from it. We would both like to go again sometime, abut probably not till our 5th year of marriage or so.

Now we're back in Colorado and I'm just sitting here. Before leaving for IL I got in one application, before leaving for Vegas I applied at I think 3 more places. Just this morning I sent out about 5 applications. The only thing I've heard from any of them so far is that their reviewing process takes 4 weeks. So, if I do hear anything from that place, it won't be for another 3 weeks. I'm looking for pretty much anything in the mental health field. My ideal is working the 3-11 shift at a residential facility for youth. But I've given in and applied for the overnight shift, as well as even secretarial work at a mental health organization. Hopefully I hear something soon from someone!


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