Monday, November 2, 2009

.my first (and probably last) not me monday.

always participates in this Not Me Monday thing, and I always comment back on her posts about it. She hasn't posted anything for today, and so I decided to make my own not me Monday for today because I did really stupid things this week. Not a lot of things, but what I did was really dumb and sad. So here goes...

Last Thursday there's no way I could have left the back window down of my car, resulting in enough snow in the back seat to shovel out! I could never be that absent-minded.

(I'm almost embarrassed to even admit this one)...Today I definitely did not make plans to go snowboarding tomorrow, thinking Copper Mountain opened. (It doesn't actually open till Nov 6th.) And there's no way I could have mistaken a website posting from the 2006 opening day being Nov 3 for the 2009 season!

The other day I went to Goodwill and got a perfectly good frame, including the glass, for only $2. I'm not so careless as to have set it on the counter while I was working on something else, just to lose my grip, my arm swing across the counter top, knocking the frame onto the floor, shattering the glass all over the place. I am just not that clumsy.

The End.


Annie said...

yay! I was sad that Kendahl hadn't posted one yet... :)

I love these. I should start doing them!

Katie & Curtis Kline said...

That is pretty awesome! This might be my favorite blog ever!

Jackie said...


Anonymous said...


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