Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Done!

I am done with school until I so choose to torture myself again!!! Yay!!! ;)

I am very happy my family got to come out and visit and such, but I must say, I am also happy for everyone to be gone...Today is my first day of NOTHING...absolutely nothing!!...since last summer I think.

My dad arrived on the train Thursday morning, and my mom and Matthew Thursday night. My dad and I went to Red Rocks and hiked around on Friday; Andrew played a couple games of chess with him throughout the weekend; and we made a mini photo-studio.

On Tuesday I took my mom to get pedicures for her Mother's Day present. =) On Sunday we all went to eat at Lola's...I recommend it.

Saturday was actual graduation and Kim & Chris came down. It was good to see them. We had a cookout at our new place afterward which was fun.

What now...
I'm shooting a wedding this weekend; mid next week into the next week, Andrew and I are going on a 1 year anniversary trip to San Diego; then that weekend (29th), I'm shooting another wedding. My mom's going to be here mid-June for a work thing, so I'll get to hang out with her again at that point; then Andrew and I are going to be camp counselors with Western Oaks in North Carolina the last week of June. The weekend of July 10th Andrew and I will be going to a Weekend to Remember in Las Vegas...and that's all the summer plans as of now.

I want to find some more photo jobs over the summer...anyone in the CO area want some pics?! Let me know!

I'll be applying all over to teenage residential facilities in this area. I don't think I'll start today...I need today to do no thinking...I'll start tomorrow.

Look on my facebook for pics from the weekend: