Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Feel Good... (well, I'm tired right now)

My mom skimmed my latest blog entry, and brought to my attention how well I'm doing with my goals this month. I am so gosh darn proud o' myself! :)

So far, I cleaned and reorganized my kitchen. It's fantastic. Much more easy to use.
I cleaned the living room. Completely. I don't think it's ever been this clean.
I enjoyed my birthday, despite working on it. My kid's at work made me a birthday card and sang happy birthday to me so that helped!
I did my med tech class this week Monday and Tuesday (today)
We got Abby a dog house.
I've been reading all the time which is very pleasant.

Yay for me!

Ok, sleep time now. I am exhausted! Oh, and I have to add, I passed my Qmap (the med-tech thing) with a 100%. Boo ya!


Rebecca said...

So..... is the living room still clean ? :-)

Rebecca said...

Yay for passing the med tech thingy - pass some drugs!