Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One week till the end of March. Here I am with my goals...

Goals to accomplish by the end of March:
*Finish going through filing cabinet (As done as it can be for now)
*Get living room and kitchen actually organized and clean (Done)
*Go through the box of stuff from the Jeep that has been sitting in the room since November when we suddenly had to get a new car (Done)
*Decide if we want to move in April, May, or January (Done..we're in the process of moving now!)
*Have an eye appointment (Done)
*Spend more quality time with Andrew (Done)

*Get website up and running (This is sadly not external hard drive crashed and I lost a lot of my files. I have asked clients to get me a copy of the files but no one has gotten any to me yet! I'm really upset about all of this, but there's nothing I can do. It'll get figured out eventually)

*Get med-tech certified (Not done, but still want to get it sometime)
*Finish half of my MHWII stuff (Done... more like 2/3 done)

There's only 2 things I didn't get done!! I am so proud of myself :) I'll make some April goals soon. I enjoy making obtainable goals. It feels great to accomplish them!


Annie said...

hooray!! :) I was hoping you'd update this... :) How about "order bridesmaids dress for Annie's wedding" as a to-do? :) woot woot!

Jackie said...

Haha...indeed that will be a to-do!

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