Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My Trip to Illinois Part I

..Day One..

At the end of September I went home for a visit. Matthew picked me up from the airport and the plan was to drive straight to the farm where my mom would arrive a couple hours later. Well, Matthew and I ended up going about 3 hours out of our way due to great conversation! Aka: Matthew can't multi-task ;)

So we arrived at the farm at the exact same time as my mom. So it was dark when we got there, but we made a fire and it was great! Matthew puts copper in it so there's really cool colors.

My mom brought Abby so I could visit with her, and that night she started out in the yard staked out on a post, whined and ended up on the deck of the cabin, and proceeded to stick her head through the screen of the screen door, so she ended up inside with me. Silly dog.

..Day Two..

The next day it was foggy and beautiful.
Here's the cabin (keep in mind the whole thing is about the size of a big living room):

Here's my 'puppy':