Monday, September 14, 2009

The Adventures of Arnold

About 2 weeks ago now, I was in the bedroom with the door to the porch open. I heard little scratching noises coming from under the tarp, and got a little worried about what might be under there...
...a giant spider the size of my face, a rabid raccoon...
...ya know...all those normal rational fears people get about what's hiding under their tarps.

So I went outside (despite my fears) and discovered it was a squirrel! He was very curious and I managed to feed him some almond slivers. He loved them!

A couple days later I went to put something on the porch and startled poor Arnold. He scampered out from under the tarp. I had left the screen door open so I was afraid he was going to run inside, but he didn't.

Then 3 days ago he was scratching at the rug on the porch, so I put out two almonds for him. I didn't see him at all yesterday. Then just about an hour ago I realized...the almonds were gone!

So Arnold is alive and well. I only see him once in awhile.

Enjoy some pictures of my little pet
(Oh, and fyi, you can click the pictures to make them bigger)...

The first time I met Arnold...
...He let me get pretty close,

but then he ran and hid.
And then he got brave again.
Then I ran inside and got some almond slivers. He liked that a lot!

So I set out a couple more (see them on top of the ivy tablecloth?)
He sniffed for them...
and looked for them...
And finally found them!
The End.


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